About us


The project is coordinated by Pascal Yiou (CEA). He is assisted by John Bazire (CEA, project manager) and Martine Le Clanche (Administrative Group).

Permanent researchers

Mathieu Vrac (CNRS, leader of ESTIMR team) brings his expertise in statistical downscaling.

Philippe Naveau (CNRS) is an expert in extreme value theory.

Robert Vautard (CNRS) is an expert in dynamical downscaling and climate modelling.

Davide Faranda (CNRS): Dynamical systems and extremes in climate

Postdoctoral fellows

Ara Arakelian: simulation of extreme events with analogues

Sabine Radanovics: Computing analogues in an efficient way.

Boutheina Oueslati: Analogues in CMIP simulations

Carmen Alvarez-Castro: Atmospheric circulation during extremes of the last millennium

Nikolay Kadygrov: Web Processing Service

Miriam D'Errico: Simulation of cold spells in Europe

PhD Students

Yoann Robin: Theory of dynamical systems

Aglaé Jézéquel: Attribution of Extreme Events

Paul Platzer: Rogue waves and analogues