Continuous time weather regimes

Weather regimes are prefered atmospheric states (Legras and Ghil 1985; Vautard 1990). They can be computed on pressure fields with classification algorithms. We use a kmeans algorithm on sea-level pressure to determine four weather regimes over the North Atlantic region, from the NCEP reanalysis.

We use a method developed by Yiou et al. (2008) to stabilize the computation of the classes, by Monte-Carlo experiments and a classification of the experiments.

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Analogue Software

The A2C2 project develops open source software for the computation of atmospheric analogues. At present, the software is in a "developer" mode, i.e., it only contains a core for the computation & file manipulation. There is no cool front end with guis, graphics and those kinds of gizmos... which are under development.

At present, the core code can be obtained here.

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Continuous time analogues

Analogues of atmospheric circulation are weekly computed from the SLP of NCEP (daily) reanalysis. We consider the North Atlantic region (80W-30E; 30-70N).

The evaluation of the SLP analogues is updated regularly.

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