Workshop on "Applications of statistical-mechanics and dynamical systems to climate"


15 November (LSCE* – Bat 712 Pièce 100)

Presentations are available in pdf format.

10h00 Friedrichs P. (Bonn University) 'Predicting spatial weather extremes'
10h45 Yiou P. (LSCE) ‘Conditional Attribution of climate extremes’ [.pdf]
11h30 Dubrulle B. (SPEC -CNRS) 'Towards understanding the Maximum Entropy Production principle'

12h30 Lunch at the cafeteria

14h00 Vaienti S. (CPT Marseille) 'Extreme Value theory in Dynamical Systems' [.pdf]
14h45 Moloney N. (LML London) ‘An overview of the Extremal index' [.pdf]

15h30 Coffee break

16h00 Manneville P. (Ecole Polytechnique) ‘About turbulence decay via extremes’ [.pdf] The video is available here [.mov].
16h45 Messori G. (Stockolm University) ‘Windstorms over Europe’ [.pdf]

16 November (LSCE* – Bat 712 Pièce 100)

10h00 Naveau P. (LSCE) ‘Modelling jointly low, moderate and heavy rainfall intensities’ [.pdf]
10h45 Sato Y. (Hokkaido University) ‘Stochastic bifurcation in random logistic maps’
11h30 Faranda D. (LSCE) ‘Stochastic attractors in a turbulent swirling flow’ [.pdf]

12h30 Lunch at the cafeteria

20h00 Workshop Dinner (Restaurant 'Rice and Fish' 16 et 22, rue Greneta, Paris**)



* From Paris : take the RER-B train direction Sud, Destination 'Massy Palaiseau'. Change at Massy-Palaiseau with the bus 91.06/91.10 to 'Christ de Saclay'. Bus Stop: 'Orme des Merisiers'. Then enter Orme des Merisiers. The big construction should be on your right. Bâtiment 712 is on the left. The meeting room (pièce 100) is on the first floor.


A happy nonlinear crowd after a feast of sushi.

**Metro stop : Etienne Marcel (Line 4) – Chatellet les Halles (RER B)

Contacts and Organisers

Pascal Yiou, Florence Gerry, Davide Faranda
For more information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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