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The A2C2 feeds a portfolio of European and French projects on rare and extreme climate events, from the analysis to the simulation of climate data.


EUCLEIA (European Climate and weather events: interpretation and attribution): Eucleia is the goddess of good reputation in Ancient Greece. It it also a Copernicus project (FP7 / 2014 - 2017) that aims at constructing a prototype of attribution service for climate extremes. One of the contribution of LSCE in EUCLEIA is the computation of analogues of circulation for European variables (temperature and precipitation) for key climate events.

Climate KIC

E3P (Extreme Events for Energy Providers): E3P bridges climate science and the energy sector to better anticipate future risks while fostering business opportunities.

OASIS (An Open Architecture loss modelling framework for the global community): OASIS creates an open source platform to natural hazard risks and costs.


SEEN (Scénarios climatiques Extrêmes pour l'Energie Nucléaire): SEEN is about the study and design of extreme heatwaves that hit Europe and can jeopardize the safety and production of electricity.



GTI (Générateur de Temps et Innovation): GTI tests the AnaWEGE stochastic weather generator in "prediction" mode and compares it with analyses and observations, in order to identify patterns of previsibility.


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